About Ride TFT

At Ride TFT, we are dedicated to providing a reliable and accessible public transportation solution to the vibrant Twin Falls community. With a growing population exceeding 50,000 residents, the need for efficient and safe public transit has become increasingly evident. We have embarked on a journey to meet these needs and offer an alternative to traditional transportation options.
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What Does Ride TFT Offer?

Our primary offering is microtransit, a flexible and innovative approach to public transportation. Microtransit falls between private individual transportation and traditional mass transit. With Ride TFT, you can enjoy the convenience of booking your trip using our user-friendly app, similar to the experience offered by popular ridesharing services. No matter where you need to be picked up within our service area, we've got you covered. Our fleet includes dedicated vehicles, ensuring that you have access to reliable transportation.

Ride TFT’s Commitment to Safety and Quality

Affordability and Support

We understand the importance of affordability, which is why our fares are designed to be accessible, with a standard fare of $3 and a reduced fare of $1 for riders aged 60 and above. Additionally, we offer support to riders, providing prepaid cards for seniors through our partnership with Linc, offering $100 for transportation (equivalent to 100 rides).

Vehicle Fleet and Trusted Drivers

With a smaller but dedicated and strong team of trusted drivers, we prioritize safety and reliability, ensuring that every ride is in capable hands. Our commitment to safety begins with thorough background checks, demonstrating good driving skills, and a local presence that fosters trust in our community. Our fleet at Ride TFT comprises 7 vehicles, including 2 ADA vans (accommodating 4 passengers) and 5 standard vehicles (accommodating 6 passengers.)

Quality and Accessibility

We take pride in the quality of our vehicles, with all of them being new and well-maintained. Our ADA vans are wheelchair accessible, providing inclusive transportation options. Additionally, the majority of our fleet consists of hybrid vehicles, aligning with our commitment to eco-friendly transportation.
Young woman passing her suitcase to Ride TFT driver to pack into the car as they head to the Twin Falls airport

Ride Rules and Expectations

To maintain a safe and enjoyable ride experience, we have established clear rules and expectations for our riders. Those who misuse our service or violate our guidelines may be subject to restrictions. Safety is our top priority, and we are prepared to respond promptly to any issues with a 2-5 minute emergency response time.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

At Ride TFT, we are an active part of the Twin Falls community. We have fostered valuable partnerships with local organizations and advocacy groups, allowing us to better serve our community. Our participation in local initiatives and partnership with the Twin Falls Community Organization and local events, demonstrate our commitment to making a positive impact on the Twin Falls community.
Still have questions? See our FAQs here.
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Who is Ride TFT for?

The answer is simple: anyone who needs a ride. We're committed to understanding the needs of the Twin Falls community, ensuring that our services cater to a diverse range of riders. Whether you're a student, a professional, a senior, or anyone in between, Ride TFT is here to provide safe, accessible, and dependable transportation when you need it most.

At Ride TFT, our mission is to enhance the mobility of Twin Falls residents by offering a convenient and reliable transportation solution. We invite everyone in the community to experience the ease and convenience of Ride TFT. Together, we're redefining how public transportation can empower individuals to go where they want, when they want, with independence and freedom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions about Ride TFT? We're here to provide you with clear and concise answers to your most common questions about our transportation services to ensure your experience with us is smooth and hassle-free.


What is Ride TFT, and how does it work?

Ride TFT is your trusted transportation partner in Twin Falls. Our microtransit service allows you to book convenient, safe, and reliable transportation using our app or via telephone call.


What is microtransit, and how does it differ from traditional public transportation?

Microtransit is a flexible transit service that combines the convenience of on-demand rides with the reliability of traditional public transportation.


How do I book a ride with Ride TFT?

Booking a ride with Ride TFT is easy and convenient. You can download our app, "Ride Twin Falls Transit," from the App Store or Google Play, or call us at +1 (208) 974-7433 to schedule a ride. Our app provides a user-friendly interface for on-demand booking and scheduling rides in advance, ensuring you get to your destination when you need to.


How can I download the Ride TFT app?

You can easily download our app, "Ride Twin Falls Transit," from both the App Store and Google Play. It's free and user-friendly.
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How much does a ride with Ride TFT cost?

Our standard fare is $3, while riders aged 60 and above enjoy a reduced fare of $1.


Are there any age restrictions for riders?

Riders aged 12 or older can travel alone with Ride TFT. Riders under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
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Can I schedule a ride in advance with Ride TFT?

Yes, you can schedule rides up to 7 days in advance using our app, ensuring flexibility and dependability for your transportation needs.


How can I ensure the safety of my Ride TFT journey?

Ride TFT prioritizes safety through stringent driver vetting, background checks, and clear guidelines for rider behavior.


Does Ride TFT offer rides to specific events in Twin Falls?

Yes, we partner with events such as BeerFest, Community Fest Event at Koto, and more to provide rides to and from the event.


Are the vans ADA compliant?

Yes, our vans are ADA compliant and accessible to wheelchair users.


Is this service available only in Twin Falls?

Yes, Ride TFT operates exclusively within Twin Falls’ limits, providing transportation solutions tailored to our local community.


What are the service hours for Ride TFT?

Ride TFT operates Mondays through Saturdays and offers additional After Hours services. See Ride TFT's service hours here. Stay tuned for special service events and temporary changes by following us on social media for updates.


What should I do if I forget something in a Ride TFT vehicle?

If you happen to lose an item during your ride, you can use our app's "Lost and Found" option to contact our support team and inquire about your lost belongings.
The CSI Eagle mascot, Gilbert, sitting inside an ADA compliant Ride TFT van!
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